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Our mission

CIT can tailor today's information technologies to provide your business with complete integration of voice, data and security to optimize your business communications.

With over over a decade of consultative sales experience and building collaborative relationships, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in creating the perfect solution for any obstacle your company may be facing now or in the future.


Puzzled by digital technology?

Let CIT help you solve the puzzle.

We provide solutions and services to help you find the perfect fit in your digital communication and information technologies.

CIT will help you reach your business objectives by utilizing the latest standards and products to ensure your business has the best experience and outcome possible.


Let us optimize your business with customized solutions

What we offer:

Business class phone systems





IT consulting & evaluation

Server & desktop virtualization

Data backup & storage

Project management for IT

Specialists in mobility

Telecom expense management

Message compliance


Fiber Access Line

Fiber access lines are communication links between a customer and a communications system (typically a central office) that use fiber optic lines. Fiber access lines may include a subscriber loop, a drop line, inside wiring and an optical jack.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Line

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a process of sending voice telephone signals over the Internet or other data network. If the telephone signal is in analog form (voice or fax) the signal is first converted to a digital form. Packet routing information is then added to the digital voice signal so it can be routed through the Internet or data network.


Virtualization is the creation of a view of information that has been adapted or customized for the user or the needs of a user. Virtualized objects are created using underlying data that is combined and processed with the user's characteristics.

Mobility Management (MM)

Mobility management is the processes of continually tracking the location of mobile telephones or devices that are connected to a communication system. Mobility management typically involves regularly registering telephones or communication access devices. Mobile telephones typically automatically register when they are first turned on (attach) and when they are turned off (detach).

Mobility Services

Mobility services use communication to successfully satisfy the information requirements of the end customer that may be moving throughout a geographic area. While mobility services typically involve the use of wireless communication, mobility services may be applied to other technologies such as Internet access and IP Telephony that can be used at many geographic connection points. Mobility services involve interaction between the mobile device and the communication system to facility registration (location updates), authorization of services (authentication) and delivery (distribution) of information.

Call Accounting

Call accounting is the processing of call routing information to track the services used and their amount of use associated with the call. Call accounting detects, captures and organizes records so they can be monetized.

Site Content

Data Storage

Data storage is the retaining of information over a period of time (typically in digital form).

Call Accounting System (CAS)

A call accounting system is the hardware and software services unit that can be integrated with telephone systems (such as a PBX system) or it can be an independent system (such as a computer). A call accounting system is sometimes called a station message detail recording (SMDR) system.


Wiring is the electrical wires or coaxial cables that are used to transfer information or electrical signals.

Why CIT?

Network Security

Network security is designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. Effective network security manages access to the network. CIT services targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network. 

Communications in the Cloud

A simple cloud-shaped symbol is frequently used to represent the complex infrastructure of “The Cloud”, but don’t most of us just want to know that our data is secure and that it’s ready when we are? Let CIT Associates help you better understand cloud based applications and storage as well as show you the many benefits it can have for your business.

Tailored to You

We offer a consultative approach to finding the right fit for your business by providing free cost analysis and site surveys as well as a choice of products, from multiple vendors, to meet all your business needs.

Our relationships with various providers will benefit you by receiving state-of-the-art products and services.




Whether you are a two person business operation or a corporation, CIT  will analyze your process and needs for the solution to provide the best business practice.

We will assist you in finding where you want to enhance your offerings or process.

Our goal is to help you advance your business by providing choices in voice and data services that can lower your costs or upgrade current hardware. CIT can show you ways to advance your telecommunications and network with TEM software for calling and wireless along with security options both physical and network related.



As a team of specialists dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service, we provide a consultative solution for your business telecommunication and IT needs.

CIT can assist in enhancing your business IT, telecommunications, networking and security needs. 

We provide a consultative approach to meeting you project needs. CIT will present a solution that comes as a result of learning your unique business practices. The team at CIT will assist your own IT/Telecom Department or be a dedicated resource for smaller businesses.



Digital communication and information technologies have become fundamental to the operation of most businesses, regardless of size. New products and services are rapidly transforming our lives, both at work and at play. CIT can help you understand what you need for your business.

We provide solutions to improve your communications, provide efficiency and a step forward for your business technology.

As a Master Agent, we offer you a variety of choices among providers and products, making us a convenient “one-stop” company. Our goal of providing innovative IT solutions for your business will help you, in turn, provide superior results and experiences for your customers.


Let a solution specialist contact you for a personalized, informative and no-obligation consultation on key features and benefits of our many services and products.

Our Specialists

Our team has over a decade of consultative sales experience and building collaborative relationships. Our knowledge of the industry and expertise in the services available including, but not limited to fiber optics, VOIP and hosted applications, as well as hardware options, more than qualifies us to assist you in creating the perfect solution for any obstacle your company may be facing now or in the future. 

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